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TAAM Facilities

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TAAM location

TAAM Facilities located
at the Zubair field .

Project Offices Location and Description TAAM will perform and support the all-necessary work for project execution in TAAM Camp Office which is located in Burjisya, Basra. TAAM will provide the services and support the proper facilities for the use of COMPANY’s personnel according to the CONTRACT requirements and providing all Home Office Services such as Detail Engineering, Procurement Support, Subcontracting management anything else required to complete.

The facility located at Zubair field within 3km proximity to Zubair DGS which is very close to the project and will provide additional support to the project.

The video showing all our facilities in the 2 zones.

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Our Facilities

TAAM Camp contian all the facilities that the projects needed to keep the progress in
the right and profissional way and to ensure the support productivity and collaboration

About company

Our Company

We are a locally owned and operated company
with over 14+ years of industry experience.

The company provides well-designed office spaces with ergonomic furniture, ample natural light, and adjustable workstations to create a comfortable and productive work environment. These spaces encourage focus and teamwork.

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