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TAAM Quality management includes quality control and quality assurance, as well as the additional concepts of quality policy, quality planning and quality improvement. TAAM believes that its market expects a continually improving aim to continually improve the service we provide to meet or exceed our client’s requirements and to produce finished work that we can justifiably be proud of. TAAM is committed to providing the highest standards of customer services comply with defined contractual requirements with regard to technical specifications, reliability and quality standards, along with making effective contributions in all stages of projects as we believe in long-term relationships with our valued clients and this is succeeded by working systematically to formalize procedures designed to eliminate deficiencies and sustained improvements. To achieve these aims, TAAM has established and maintains a quality system, which conforms to the requirements of International Standard ISO 9001 and other applicable standards in the course of our operations. TAAM QA program aims to ensure that the quality procedures and checks implemented during the design phase of a construction project effectively meet the company-established standards as well international standard for quality service, performance, and production.

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